Tackling the text workshop – 2021

The EIGHTH annual Tackling the Text is set for November 4th-6th at the Copper Basin Bible Camp just outside of Prescott, AZ.

           Guy Orbison Jr. has agreed to teach this year of Tackling the Text in Philippians. Brother Orbison had conducted the Workshop in the Word every year since 1995 in Durango, CO ending in the year 2016. Although Tackling the Text is a different workshop the idea is still the same, to help our brethren know God’s Word.

With Guy’s experience and talent to expose God’s Word, we are excited that he will be with us to help Tackle this year’s text in Philippians.

We will also have guest speakers to give brother Orbison a break throughout the day. These speakers will be given other assignments outside of the letter of Philippians. This year Blu Kropp has agreed to speak for us.

Again, this is our eighth year for the workshop, and we are all excited. I,  Chris Macy, will be directing the workshop this year and if you have any questions please call me at 480-818-3807.

Chris Macy